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Member Benefits

The benefits and services that are available to KAGN members will provide the necessary tools to equip, expand, and energize your ministry or business to a new level in building the Kingdom of God. Membership Benefits include:



By bringing yourself under the leadership of Apostle Alandis R Porter the Network's founder and president, she imparts to you the anointing that is on her life and enriched by her connection to her covenant fathers in the faith, Prophets and Kingdom servant leaders - an anointing which has been passed through generations. 


As a Network member, Apostle Alandis' anointing and spiritual genealogy become yours as well!


Corporate Anointing

This is an extension of Apostle Alandis' anointing, the pastors of all the network's churches and their congregations of faith-filled saints, and marketplace ministers. 

You now have a family of Warriors and gatekeepers that know how to intercede for brothers and sisters until manifestation comes.


"Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword" (Leviticus 26:8, ESV)


Covering: Network members see Apostle Alandis as their spiritual Leader. That means they not only submit to her leadership, but also receive the favor and blessing God has bestowed upon her. 


Love, Intercession and wealth are her Apostolic mandate, and under the covering of Apostle Alandis, you'll be able to accomplish things for the Kingdom of God you would never dream of doing on your own.


Peer Associations / Networking

The Kingdom Advancers Global Network gives you the opportunity for fellowship with other members. Your brothers and sisters in the Network are like-minded, Holy Ghost-filled men and women. They can easily relate to the challenges you face in ministry/marketplace because they're involved in the same labor. They are readily available for you to confide in, share with and join in agreement with you before Almighty God for your most significant personal, business and ministry needs. As network members, we desire the connection of lifelong friends from their contacts in this great network of kingdom and marketplace leaders.



The Network will sponsor meetings throughout the year, from regional groups to life-changing conferences such as  *The Building Leaders Conference

*Times of Refreshing


These events are like a network family reunion, where testimonies are shared, and the Body of Christ is built up. They will equip, empower and propel you to the next level in your life, business, and ministry.


Exclusive Phone Conferences with Apostle Alandis: 


The Network coordinates telephone conferences with Apostle Alandis so you can hear firsthand what God has been telling her. It's a meaningful way you can share in the vision of this ministry directly from its founder - and because you can participate from anywhere, it's a convenient and useful tool of communication for every Network member.


Ongoing Communications

The Network will keep its members updated throughout the year with regularly scheduled letters, e-mails, and other communications so that you can stay in touch with Apostle Alandis and other Network members. 


Tears Training Academy

Invest in your future and that of your staff or prepare for a church plant or business expansion by sending critical people to TTA. There are several programs available. You'll never make a better investment in the future of your ministry/business than an eternal one.


KAGN Web Site

The Network virtual home, is an outstanding resource for members. You can also refer pastoral colleagues to the website to join the Network online. The website also provides open access to the all services and benefits described here.

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