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Dr.Apostle Alandis Renee Porter




Apostle Alandis is a seasoned Apostolic voice and prophetic teacher with a down to earth style. Apostle Alandis carries a heavy healing and deliverance mantle.

She is an Apostle of love, intercession and wealth. Committed to building and educating others to exemplify the heart of God.


Apostle Alandis journey began at a young age when she fell in love with the bible and prayer. She was very active in her local church as a child and young lady.


Her compassion for people led her to serve in the healthcare industry for over

20 years.


She has spent the last 27 years serving in various areas of the five-fold, with a great emphasis and grace in the apostolic and prophetic.


Alandis is currently the visionary of Kingdom Advancement Global Ministries. , the Dean and an instructor in the T.E.A.R.S Training Academy, the Apostolic covering and overseer of Kingdom Advancers Global Network, Radio Personality and published author.


This Woman of God continues to serve and dedicate her life to sharing the gospel.  ​Echoing God’s voice through His word and proclaim:



“Seek God on Purpose and find Yours”

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